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Sigma 80 B Alkyd Enamel is a high-performance paint that provides superior coverage, superior hiding, and superior durability compared to other general-purpose paints. B Alkyd Enamel also employs the same colours, however the "Triad" designation indicates that there is one less of each hue in each set than in the "Tetrad" designation. B Alkyd Enamel comprises 30 Triads and 4 colour scales (in depth of 6) producing a total of 114 hues.

Key Features

  • Greater Capacity per Square Meter
  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Strengthened Resistance
  • Accuracy and Effectiveness Enhanced
  • The Cap Can Be Pressed More Gently And Can Fit A Wider Range Of Sizes
  • Comes with a Yellow Fat.
  • Available in 114 colours.

Product Specification

  • "Paint Type: Alkyd Enamel
  • Size: ‎400ml
  • Finish Type: Matte
  • Matte type: 9/100
  • Special Features: ‎Fast Lines and colour scaling
  • Original Manufacturer: Cosmos Lac
  • Capability: 4 m2
  • Item Form: Spray