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Welcome to Cosmos Lube Technique!

Cosmos Lube Technique is one of the largest distributors and promoters of Industrial Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) products in India. We have been in this business for ten years and have now diversified and are getting the best spray paints to india. Cosmos Lac...


About Cosmos

Top-Notch, Environment-Friendly Spray Paints

Are you tired of waiting for spray paints to take an eternity to dry up? Or are you worried about if the paint will suit your desired material or not? Well, worry not! Cosmos Colours is here to add the shine in your life! Cosmos Lube Technique is one of the largest distributors and promoters of Industrial Maintenance Repair Operations (MRO) products in India.These sprays dries harder and quicker than anything else you've tried. Apart from experiencing Excellent resistance to mildew and sun's rays, ensure great adhesion to materials like wood, masonry, plaster, and much more. It's time to Envision a world where a quick spray will take care of all your home improvement issues. Choose Cosmos Today!

Cosmos Spray Paints


What Makes Our Spray Bottles stand out?

Cosmos delivers the answer to all your paint issues in convenient Aerosol Spray Paint Bottles. We have pioneered the manufacture of aerosols and spray paint cans for years, so whether you need them for industrial maintenance or vehicle spraying, you can count on us to provide a superior product.

Quick and Lasting Performance

To outperform existing aerosol paints in terms of coverage, durability, and drying time, we, at Cosmos have developed a proprietary high volume low pressure colour delivery technology. Our Users may now do their tasks considerably faster in minutes, which would otherwise might have taken hours to complete.

Implemented using Environment- friendly Formulae!

Our aerosol cans are environmentally friendly. They are made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with a polyester polymer removing carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%. ZERO CFCsCosmos CFC-free product was developed using eco-friendly methods and tested under strict conditions to ensure they only ever used natural components.The carbon footprint of Cosmos aerosol spray is reduced by 50% thanks to the use of these tin-free steel canisters, which are coated on both sides with a polyester polymer. So, no more harming the environment.

Long-lasting shelf life

The shelf life of Cosmos sprays is one year. The unique formulation of Cosmos sprays means that they cannot crystallize like other aerosol paints when not in use for a prolonged time. Thus each time, you get a durable finish, upon using our products

Perfect for any surface

An adjustable easy-press nozzle included in the packaging makes it simple to apply a uniform coat on wood, metal, plastic, or fiberglass. Because of the nozzle broad spray with angular tilt, even the roughest and hard to reach surfaces can get a sleek finish.

Application like never before

Whether you're just touching up a few spots or repainting the whole thing, Cosmos spray can restore the sheen to a previously drab surface and cover any scratches you may have made. Right from materials like wood, and metal, to plastic, it gives a finishing and longevity like never before.

Engineered by the Best of Minds!

Keeping our excellent standing in the industry requires us to have excellent relationships with our vendors and clients. To this end, we have assembled a competent group of specialists who are coordinating their efforts to help us achieve our stated aims. These experts work efficiently to finish all of our tasks within the specified time frame, all while exceeding our customers' expectations.

Let's Take a look at What Users Have to say

Cosmos Colour's dedication to its distributors and customers over decades has been the driving force behind the company's success. Relationships with our users and their good feedback on our products and services are a source of great pleasure for us. We shall always keep in mind the past as the cornerstone of our present and future achievements.

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Cosmos, without a doubt, is the finest spray paint available in India. It's on par with the industry's top names on the market today.!

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I've never used spray paint before, but I was really excited to use these spray cans by Cosmos. I was thrilled with the final hue from the Fame Blue spray paint. The hue is a deep royal blue. The Beat thing is you can get the work done with only one coat. However, you might need to apply a second coat to cover any areas that were uneven in the first, depending on how you were applying. It is Effortless to use the spray bottle, without any difficulty. Drying time is minimal and leaves a matte finish which I absolutely loved.

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I am a self-made designer who loves redesigning old furniture to bring out the life in them, thus making them fun, modern, or aesthetic. Sigma 80A has been my best friend each time I tune in to bring out the fineness and depth of my furniture. I still collect using it when I was renovating a table with lots of intricate detailing. I prefer it because of its amazing coverage, and longevity. It lasts long and is not much hard work. The smell isn't vehement as compared to other paints out there in the market. I would recommend it anytime for a long-time usage!

INDIA'S largest spray paint collection

If you are looking to buy spray paints online, We've just launched our online shop featuring hundreds of sprays for graffiti, automotive and industrial use. Order sprays online from the comfort of your doorstep as we ship PAN India.




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How to use Cosmos Spray Paints?

It's simple to get started with our spray paints. Simply take off the cap and the seal. Give it a good shake to make sure the moving marbles incorporate all of the paint and chemicals at the can's base. Before spraying on the final product, always conduct a test spray on some scrap paper or cardboard.

Exactly what benefit does shaking provide?

If you shake the can before using it, the contents of the paint will be evenly distributed in the entire solution. This will ensure uniform coating on the surface.

Can I use these products by myself?

With some practise and adherence to our specific guidelines, you can indeed achieve remarkable success. DIY is always encouraged at Cosmos, and little repairs won't cost an arm and a leg.

What if these paints harm the environment?

Cosmos Spray Paints are CFC free and very much safe for the Ozone layer. They were made using eco-friendly methods and tested under strict conditions to cause no harm to the nature.

Is it okay to use Cosmos Spray Paints indoors?

Yes, you can use these paints indoors as well. However ensure that the area is well ventilated to avoid suffocation.

In Case of contact with eyes or consumption what to do?

In the event of accidental consumption or contact with the eyes, rapid medical attention is absolutely necessary.

What to do incase of skin contact with the paint?

Skin contact will not do any harm. You may clean it with soap and warm water, or acetone.

What are some safety measure I should follow while using paints?

If you want to keep your skin and lungs safe, you should put on a respiratory mask and gloves. You should only use it in locations with adequate ventilation.

Is acrylic spray paint good for graffiti?

The paints used in spray cans are acrylics. As a result, they may stick to a greater variety of substrates. They become more cooperative as a result. Spray cans are not well suited for oil-based paints.